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Deep Sky to Deploy DAC Unit from Skytree in Canada

MONTRÉAL and AMSTERDAM (April 4, 2024)Deep Sky, a Montreal-based carbon removal project developer, and Skytree, an Amsterdam-based Direct Air Capture (DAC) company, have partnered to deploy carbon removal technology in Canada. As part of its partnership with Deep Sky, Skytree will deliver and install a modular DAC Air Processing Unit (APU), called Skytree Stratus, at Deep Sky Labs.

As the world's first IP agnostic project developer of CDR projects aiming to remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere, Deep Sky will operate Skytree’s APU in its Labs innovation center. The system will be installed in Canada in 2024, leveraging the region's renewable hydroelectric energy. The partners will also explore scaling up to a Skytree Stratus DAC hub as part of the evaluation phase at Deep Sky Labs. A Skytree DAC Hub consists of multiple Stratus units, each with a capacity of 900 tonnes per year and can be installed to accommodate any CO2  site capacity requirement. Skytree’s Stratus DAC system has a small carbon footprint and minimal energy consumption, a characteristic Deep Sky prioritizes in each of its partners. Through the company’s Uptime Assurance program, Skytree guarantees high uptime, monitors and measures CO2 generation, and conducts all preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Once in operation, the partners will monitor the performance of the APU at Deep Sky Labs. Data will be collected on the performance of the unit in terms of carbon dioxide removal (CDR), energy consumption, temperature, humidity and more. Together, the partners aim to validate the technology for commercial deployment in Canada as part of Deep Sky's mission to develop Canada into a world-leading hub for carbon removal.

“As we continue to source the world’s best DAC technologies from around the world, we’re thrilled to welcome Skytree to Deep Sky Labs,” said Damien Steel, Deep Sky CEO. “A product of the European Space Agency, Skytree has developed a cost effective and energy efficient DAC unit over its decade in business. Skytree agrees that there’s no net zero without carbon removals, and we’re proud to deploy their tech and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.”

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Deep Sky. This is a significant milestone for us in North America, and kicks off Skytree’s launch into Canada. Our partnership will give us yet another opportunity to demonstrate the value of our Stratus DAC system and Skytree Cloud, which remotely monitors and maintains Stratus units in the field. Deep Sky has quickly become a leading global innovator in the sector, and our participation in their CDR project is an exciting step forward,” said Rob van Straten, Skytree CEO.

Together, Deep Sky and Skytree are committed to developing and deploying cutting-edge carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. High-quality CDR is essential for achieving net zero emissions goals and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Deep Sky is working to build large-scale carbon removal and storage infrastructure in Canada. As a project developer, the company is bringing together the most promising carbon dioxide removal and sequestration technologies to commercialize solutions at scale.

About Skytree

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Skytree harnesses CO2 from ambient air through the power of direct air capture technology (DAC). By providing local, onsite CO2 generation across multiple markets including indoor farming, greenhouses, efuels, mineralization as well as permanent underground storage, Skytree enables a transition away from fossil fuel-based industrial processes and avoids transport to where the CO2 is needed. The scalable technology can be set up quickly at any location and scaled to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Through Skytree’s unique Uptime Assurance services all DAC systems are monitored and measured to enable uninterrupted operations and provide valuable insights. Skytree’s Stratus DAC units are field upgradable to newer generations of capture materials, continuously decreasing energy consumption while increasing the unit capacity. For more information, visit

Born out of the European Space Agency (ESA), during the development of a CO2 scrubber, space scientists evaluated over 50 sorbents. Skytree founder, Max Beaumont, was a system engineer on this team and spun out the technology through the ESA incubator program 'ESA-BIC'. With a decade of research & development, the company has since registered 21 patents across the US, Europe and China.

About Deep Sky

Montreal-based Deep Sky is the world’s first IP agnostic carbon removal project developer aiming to remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it underground. As a project developer, Deep Sky brings together the most promising direct air and ocean carbon capture companies under one roof to bring the largest supply of high quality carbon credits to the market and commercialize carbon removal and storage solutions like never before. With $75M in funding, Deep Sky is backed by world class investors including Investissement Québec, Brightspark Ventures, Whitecap Venture Partners, OMERS Ventures, BDC Climate Fund, and more. For more information, visit

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