The infrastructure
that will transform the earth.

Deep Sky One: a nexus for CO2 removal at scale.

The technology that can save our planet exists, but it hasn’t been given the space or resources needed to create a meaningful impact—until now.

Deep Sky One will allow us to scale, and commercialize carbon removal and storage solutions like never before.

Deep Sky One

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Leverage Canada’s natural resources.

Canada is a vast territory rich in natural resources: water, geology, wind and hydroelectric energy, making it an ideal place for engineered C02 removal. Eastern Canada in particular represents a remarkable opportunity for carbon removal at scale, powered by renewable energy and sequestering deep underground in the region’s uniquely suitable geological formations.

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We’re actively working with government and local communities to secure the renewable energy needed to sustainably remove CO2 at scale, while ensuring responsible stewardship of the natural environment.


Draw CO2 molecules from the air and the ocean.

We’re partnering with a new generation of carbon capture technology innovators to develop large-scale facilities. The technology for capturing CO2 from the air and ocean is proven, uncomplicated and clean, but it does consume energy. It’s important that consumption is limited, renewable, and sustainable.

Direct air capture

Direct Air Capture

Atmospheric CO2 molecules can be captured from the open air using large fans that push the air over adsorbent solid particles or liquid sorbents. Those materials are then heated or electrically charged to release the captured CO2 so that it can be stored, and renewed for the process to repeat.

Ocean capture

Ocean Capture

Oceans have absorbed at least a third of humanity’s emissions. CO2 dissolved in ocean water can be captured using electrochemical processes that resemble water treatment or desalination systems, effectively separating the CO2 molecules from the water as it flows through the system.


Safely sequester it underground.

We’re building geological storage sites in ultramafic rock and saline aquifers where carbon can be safely stored for thousands of years, reversing what our fossil fuel industries have done since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Ultramafic formations

Ultramafic formations

When injected into subsurface volcanic rock, CO2 reacts with the host rock to form stable carbonate minerals. This innovative new technique has been proven at scale in Iceland by Carbfix over the last decade. Within months, the CO2 gas is permanently sequestered as calcite rock, with no harmful byproducts, and with no chance of returning to the atmosphere.

Saline aquifers

Saline aquifers

When injected miles underground beneath sedimentary reservoirs, CO2 can be stored in geological structures like those that contained natural reserves of oil and gas for millions of years. We already have decades of experience with this process. It effectively is a gas well that puts carbon back in the ground where it belongs.


Build a marketplace that meets demand.

Demand for CO2 removal credits is rapidly outgrowing available supply. We will monetize Deep Sky by distributing premium CDR credits to compliance markets, voluntary markets, and government procurement.

Global demand for CDR credits outgrowing supply

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Our goal is to remain at the forefront in CO2 carbon removal technologies. Deep Sky Labs is where we will test and validate new technologies before committing to them at scale.

Our goal is to remain at the forefront in CO2 carbon removal technologies. Deep Sky Alpha Lab is where we will test and validate new technologies before committing to them at scale.

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Together, we can reverse our course.

We’re assembling a world-class team of engineers, designers, climate tech partners, and policy makers who believe in making the impossible possible. Come be on the ground-floor of this venture.