There’s no net zero without carbon removals

Deep Sky is building infrastructure to scale carbon dioxide removal systems, in a tangible way.

Deep Sky is building infrastructure to scale carbon dioxide removal systems, in a tangible way.

A single place where we can streamline efforts to combat the climate crisis.

Cutting-edge partners.

We’re bringing together the most promising direct air and ocean carbon capture companies under one roof.

Our partners

Community and state buy-in.

We’re partnering closely with government officials and local communities to ensure our facilities are a collective effort, built to serve the public’s best interests.

Powered by renewable energy.

We are strategically located in Quebec, a region with an abundance of hydroelectric power, immense wind power potential and a vast territory with the rich geological makeup required for this work.

Proven methodologies.

Direct capture machines absorb carbon dioxide molecules in selective materials from ambient air and ocean water. The captured carbon is then safely and permanently sequestered.

State of Tech

Our Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering, Phil De Luna, explain how we pick technologies to pilot at Deep Sky.

Deep Sky’s engineered carbon dioxide removal projects represent a North Star for the highest quality carbon emission offsets: durable, scalable, and inherently measurable and verifiable.


Carbon is at the root of the climate crisis.

Over the last 150 years, we’ve released more than 800 gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere to power our way of life.



earth photo

That CO2 continues to accumulate, hanging in the atmosphere for thousands of years. Once emitted, it takes 10 to 50 years before we see its impact on the environment.

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That means we still haven’t seen the extent of the damage our past emissions will cause.

Reducing emissions alone isn’t enough.

Removing C02 is essential.

To secure the next 150 years for humanity, Deep Sky aims to remove gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it underground, back where it belongs.

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Together, we can reverse our course.

We’re assembling a world-class team of engineers, designers, climate tech partners, and policy makers who believe in making the impossible possible. Come be on the ground-floor of this venture.