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BNN Bloomberg
We're in one of the worst venture markets I've ever seen: Deep Sky CEO
Damien Steel, CEO of Deep Sky, discuss the challenges facing startups right now, and the success he's had in raising $75M in series A financing to develop his company's carbon removal plans and technology.
Carbon Herald
Climeworks And Deep Sky To Explore Canada's Potential In Scaling Direct Air Capture
Climeworks and Deep Sky announced they will explore the development of large-scale direct air capture and storage projects in Canada.
Canadian carbon removal developer raises C$75M
Canadian government-supported groups participated in the round. They include: Investissement Québec, the VC arm of the Ontario pension fund OMERS, and the Business Development Bank of Canada's Climate Tech Fund.
Carbon-Capture Firm Deep Sky Gets $55 Million of Fresh Capital
A Canadian startup raised $55 million from venture capital firms and governments to begin a carbon-capture plant in Quebec, using early-stage technology that aims to suck millions of tons of emissions out of the atmosphere and oceans.
La Presse
Deep Sky obtient un financement de 75 millions
Investissement Québec contribue pour 25 millions au financement de 75 millions recueilli par l’entreprise montréalaise vouée à la décarbonation massive de l’atmosphère.
The Race Is On: 5 Steps To Rapidly Develop Carbon Removal Technology
Carbon removals is a critical technology to address the climate crisis, but is taking too long to scale. Here are 5 steps to rapidly develop this emerging technology
Why Canada Is Poised To Become A Carbon Removal Superpower
Climate change has hit with relentless force, and the signs are undeniable. Canada can scale carbon removal to reverse climate change, if it acts now.
Global News
Quebec entrepreneur says Canada can be international leader on carbon removal
A Quebec company called Deep Sky says it has the potential to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere on a massive scale, and make money for the country in the process.
Capter le CO2 dans l’air et l’enfouir : mirage ou solution d’avenir?
Frédéric Lalonde espère construire au Québec une dizaine d'usines de captage de CO2 dans l'air ou dans l'eau d'ici cinq à dix ans.
La Presse
Un Québécois veut relancer l’industrie du captage de carbone
L’homme d’affaires québécois Frédéric Lalonde veut accélérer l’essor de l’industrie du captage de carbone pour éviter la catastrophe climatique.
Le Cercle canadien
Deep Sky: le premier développeur de projet d'élimination du carbone à l'échelle du gigatonne
Conférence de Fred Lalonde, qui explique comment Deep Sky a démarré, l'urgence de la crise climatique, et pourquoi l'élimination à grande échelle du carbone est la solution.
In this week's Forbes Current Climate: Deep Sky partnership with Mission Zero
The two companies will first build a pilot plant in 2024 with an eye to building facilities that can capture as much as one million tons of carbon dioxide each year.
Carbon Herald
Deep Sky And Mission Zero To Jointly Deploy Direct Air Capture Technology In Canada
Canadian CO2 removal project developer Deep Sky and Mission Zero Technologies (MZT), a UK Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology provider, have partnered to deploy direct air capture (DAC) sites in Canada.
Le Devoir
Deep Sky cherche où enfouir du CO₂ dans le sous-sol québécois
Deep Sky cherche où enfouir des centaines de milliers de tonnes de CO2 dans le sous-sol québécois. D’ici un an, elle veut ouvrir deux centres d’essais dans la province. Et d’ici 2025, elle compte ouvrir une usine qui aura besoin de dizaines de mégawatts d’électricité.
BNN Bloomberg
Head of OMERS Ventures shares why he's moving to climate tech startup Deep Sky
Damien Steel, incoming CEO of Deep Sky, and outgoing head of OMERS Ventures, joins BNN Bloomberg and discusses why he's making the switch from venture capital to climate technology, and how the two industries are performing in the Canadian marketplace.
The Globe and Mail
OMERS Ventures head Damien Steel to lead cleantech startup Deep Sky founded by Hopper CEO
OMERS is a long-standing investor in Hopper, one of Canada’s most valuable private technology companies.
La Presse
Capture de carbone | Deep Sky a trouvé son PDG
L’entreprise québécoise Deep Sky concrétise un peu plus ses ambitieux projets de capture et de séquestration de carbone avec la nomination de Damien Steel à titre de président-directeur général.
Carbon Herald
Deep Sky And Svante Partner To Study Carbon Storage Feasibility In Canada
Canada’s leading carbon removal project developer, Deep Sky, has joined forces with carbon capture and removal solutions provider Svante Technologies Inc. (Svante) to evaluate the feasibility of sequestering CO2 in Southern Quebec.
Sustainable Biz Canada
Deep Sky to offer site for Musk’s XPRIZE teams to pilot tech
Carbon removal company Deep Sky will partner with Elon Musk’s XPRIZE to allow carbon capture teams submitting to the competition's final round a chance to pilot their solutions at its Quebec facility.
Construct Connect
Quebec’s Deep Sky dreams big with carbon capture pilot
Montreal carbon-capture startup Deep Sky continues to move with haste as it forges partnerships with tech specialists in the sector while defying traditional project development timelines.
La Presse
Alliance entre Deep Sky et Exterra « La vision, c’est d’exporter partout dans le monde »
Deux jeunes entreprises québécoises conjuguent leurs efforts pour capturer et séquestrer le CO2.
Yahoo Finance
Carbontech Innovator Phil De Luna Joins Deep Sky as Chief Carbon Scientist & Head of Engineering
A world renowned scientist and carbontech innovator, Phil has dedicated his career to developing solutions to fight climate change and will be instrumental in realizing Deep Sky's ambitions to become the world's first gigaton-scale carbon capture company.
Apple Podcasts
‎Danny In The Valley’s conversation with Deep Sky's Fred Lalonde on Apple Podcasts
Listen to podcast Danny In The Valley, Ep Deep Sky's Fred Lalonde: "We need to bury every ton of CO2 emitted since the Industrial Revolution"
Climate Solutions Festival
The Collapse of the Global Carbon Cycle | Fred Lalonde’s opening keynote at CSF
Fred Lalonde, co-founder of Deep Sky, talks at the Quebec Climate Solutions Festival 2023 in Montreal about the greatest challenge humanity is facing: removing what’s at the root of the carbon crisis.
Deep Sky seeks to capture megatons of carbon from air, water
Deep Sky co-founder, Fred Lalonde, talks about the importance of scaling carbon capture to remove all of our historic CO2
Agility PR Solutions
Brooks Wallace joins Deep Sky as VP of Communications & Marketing
Communications veteran Brooks Wallace has joined Montreal-based Deep Sky, the world’s first gigaton-scale carbon capture company helping to fight climate change.
E&E News
Startup Captura and Deep Sky plans Quebec facility to suck CO2 from ocean
The pilot plant is the second from Captura, which is partnering with a Canadian company to expand the reach of its carbon capture technology.
The Logic
Deep Sky to build direct-ocean carbon capture project in Quebec
Montreal firm led by two of Hopper’s founders has entered deal for pilot project with California-based Captura.
Press release
Captura and Deep Sky partner to fight climate change by deploying ocean carbon removal in Canada
The companies have partnered to install a pilot facility in Quebec to validate the technology before scaling to a one megaton capacity.
The Globe and Mail
Road to Net Zero: Actions and Strategies for Corporate Leaders
Fred Lalonde’s interview by Sierra Bein, editor of The Globe and Mail’s Climate Change Newsletter on the potential of carbon capture and offsetting to be a turnkey route to net zero.
Hopper co-founders launch new carbon capture startup, Deep Sky, with $10 million in funding
Frederic Lalonde and Joost Ouwekerk, who founded Hopper in 2007, have teamed up with former Airbnb CFO Laurence Tosi to launch carbon capture startup Deep Sky.
The Globe and Mail
Hopper CEO wants to turn Canada into a carbon-capture capital with startup Deep Sky
Deep Sky aims to build vast carbon-removal and sequestration operations in Quebec, Ontario and possibly Alberta


Climeworks and Deep Sky to explore large-scale DAC+S in Canada

The two parties envision the development of large-scale DAC+S projects in Canada with a pathway to remove up to one million tons of CO₂ from the air.

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