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Where Will the Next Extreme Wildfire Be?

It is hard to ignore the fact that wildfires are getting worse across North America. Even those who haven’t seen them up close or lost their homes have probably inhaled the smoke. This report shares new findings from Deep Sky Research and its Wildfire Risk Model on how wildfire risk is changing due to climate change.

What if our Climate Models Are Flawed?

New research from Deep Sky uses a novel approach for predicting the impact of climate change and finds current climate models could be underestimating the risks we face.

New Research: Unprecedented Heat Waves Will Cause Crop Failure Risk to Skyrocket in US

The sweltering temperatures in the spring and summer of 2012 contributed to devastating crop failure causing $41 billion in losses nationally. The past 20 years of carbon emissions have caused the risk of similar extreme heat waves to skyrocket. Heat waves like this used to occur once every 100 years. Deep Sky’s research found they will now happen once every five. Our carbon emissions have caused the risk of an extreme heat wave to increase 20-fold.

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Wildfire Risk Escalates: Deep Sky Study Unveils Rising Threats

Deep Sky, a Canadian developer specializing in carbon removal projects, has just released a study delving into the escalating wildfire risk in the United States. The research utilizes its Wildfire Risk Model to illustrate how climate change is accelerating the frequency and severity of wildfires.
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Alarming rise in US wildfire risk due to climate change, Deep Sky researchers warn

Climate change is increasing the risk of wildfire across the US, a new study shows, with extreme conditions once considered rare now occurring with disturbing frequency.
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US extreme fire weather frequency surges 20x: Deep Sky

According to findings from Deep Sky, a Canadian carbon removal project developer, the frequency of extreme fire risk in the US has surged by 20 times.



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Extreme Fire Weather Change Locations

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Uncertainty on climate sensitivity remains significant

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